Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE: Refunds cannot be given on uncanceled tickets. You can cancel/change reservations any time until 9 PM the day before your bus leaves. After that time, sales are finalized. Thank You!

How Does the Electronic Ticket Work?
When you make a reservation, you will receive an electronic ticket number by e-mail. You must copy this number and bring it with you; a Student Conductor will collect it when you board the bus.

What is a Student Conductor?
As a Student Conductor, you are personally responsible for collecting confirmation numbers of the passengers on your motor coach. In exchange for fulfilling your responsibilities, your ticket will be free. We encourage you to volunteer if you are comfortable handling these responsibilities.


1. Student Conductors must arrive 25 minutes before the scheduled departure of their motor coach. Check-in with the driver upon arrival
2. The night before your departure, you will receive a list by e-mail of the names and confirmation numbers of all the passengers on your motor coach. Print this out and bring it with you for your trip
3. When students start to board, check off their names and confirmation numbers. These confirmation numbers are equivalent to tickets
4. Students without tickets may purchase tickets at the door by giving you their name, cell phone number, campus e-mail address, and campus mail address
5. If there are any problems or you need assistance, talk with the Driver
6. After your trip, you will receive by e-mail a link to a form where you will enter information from your passenger sheet. Once you do this, your ticket will be refunded.

I Missed My Motor Coach Departure. What do I do?
If you are returning to campus from Columbus, please take the next motor coach to campus. The Coach Service will not reimburse the cost of privately arranged transportation.

Where Do The Motor Coaches Depart From Campus?
All coaches depart from outside Gambier Post Office.

Where Exactly Do The Motor Coaches Travel?